Kiss of death

Homicide detective, Bruno Norcross, is called to investigate the brutal murder of a college call girl. This isn’t just any other crime scene. Bruno has seen this scene before, only the last time, the killer got away leaving Bruno feeling as though his career is incomplete. Nobody escapes Bruno’s grasp twice and when his nemesis arises again, it’s time to bring him in. A serial killer, only known as the Kiss of Death, is back, only this time he made a mistake. A witness, like no other, was left behind and this witness knows the victim better than anyone.


Coming in 2020

WHAT READERS are saying

The plot moves along fairly quickly, keeping the audience guessing about the ending (which I am mad at myself for not figuring out!)



Kiss of Death is a crime/thriller novel. From the very beginning of the preface it draws you in, needing you to read more.

Whispering Stories


“The beginning chapters introducing the characters were a bit slow for me, but once the background was laid it moved at a good pace. The suspense started at the beginning of the book and carried throughout the novel, ending with a total surprise. The deaths at the end were a bit much for my taste but all in all, I did enjoy the book and recommend it to others.”

Carol H


“Crime thrillers aren’t usually my thing because they all are kind of the same to me but this one was way different. I’ve never read one quite like this one before. I liked the immortal beings that were thrown in there, it was a nice touch. Some things I felt like could have been done better but those were just pet peeves of mine so I won’t even name them.”

Ashley T


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