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Disposing of Bodies: How Killers do it

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

One of the goriest parts of being a killer is having to deal with the dead body after the deed is done. In my books, you will find many different ways the bodies are disposed of. In Kiss of Death, the body was left in a bathtub with a blood kiss on their cheeks. In Suicide Pool, the victims were drowned and their bodies were left in the water.

The thing is, once the murder has been committed, every killer must decide as to what to do next. Many killers just leave the body where it dropped, but many are much more creative than that. Here are some methods of real-life killers.

1. Robert Pickton fed the bodies of those he killed to his pigs.

2. Ted Bundy left the bodies to be eaten by wild animals in the woods.

3. John Wayne Gacy buried the bodies in his own crawl space.

4. Clifford Olson buried his victims in random spots. Fun Fact: He was paid $100,000 to reveal the burial sites to the police.

5. Carl Panzram threw the bodies of his victims into densely populated areas of crocodiles.

6. Dean Corll buried his victims in plastic sheets. (I would hate to be the forensic examiner in this case! Ewwww)

7. William Bonin threw the bodies of his victims across various highways.

8. Gary Ridgway buried his victims in the woods and secluded areas. However, he also went back to them to have sex with their corpses, so the bodies were accessible. (Not a well known serial killer, but he has more than 49 kills under his belt with having admitted to more than 70!)

9. H. H. Holmes turned the bodies of his victims into skeletons and used them in a high school biology lab.

Now even though these methods are associated with a certain killer doesn’t mean that this isn’t the only method they used. Some serial killers follow a certain methodology when it comes to body disposal; others, tend to use more than one method to try and throw the police off their trail.

Other methods that have been known to be used is burning the bodies and anchoring them in deep water. Either way, the disposal of the body is always a ritualistic part of the kill. Each killer has their own method of getting rid of the bodies they killed, but it never guarantees they won’t be caught.

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