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Facts about Female Serial Killers

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Since most of my books center on serial killers, it seems right that I talk about the different ways and reasons that women might become a serial killer. Yes, that’s true, women kill too. It seems that when serial killer enters the brain, the first thought is that of a deranged male hacking away at someone with a knife or an ax. The truth is, there are many women serial killers in this world.

Here are some facts about women serial killers that you might not know.

1. Women tend to use their gendered roles to their advantage. Women who work in professions, such as nurses, use their knowledge to kill their victims. For example, an ex-nurse here in Ontario has recently been convicted of killing 8 patients in the nursing home she worked at.

2. Women are more likely to kill for either power or money. Most women killers do it to gain either insurance money or to prove dominance.

3. Women who kill their spouses do it because they can’t see another way to get out of an impossible situation.

4. As far as serial killers are concerned, women are less likely to be caught.

5. Men have a tendency to kill more randomly, then women do. Women killers are more likely to know the person they are killing personally.

6. Most convicted women are in prison because of killing a boyfriend, husband, or their own children.

7. Method of choice for women? Poison. It’s the easiest and least messy of all methods.

8. Though there are women who become serial killers, they are vastly outnumbered by the men who commit these crimes.

9. Unless caught, women are more likely to kill over a large period of time versus male serial killers. Women kill for an average of 8-11 years, whereas men will kill for about 2 years.

10. Women serial killers are very strategic in their plans. They have things planned out to perfection and they don’t tell anyone anything. They are not seeking credit, just revenge or justice, or something of a sort.

11. Women generally don’t kill because they enjoy it. Usually, a woman has a reason for crossing that line.

12. Almost no women kill for sexual gratification. Compared to men who get off on the crime, women generally don’t feel that kind of gratification.

Next time you think of making a woman mad, remember they are just as capable of killing as a man. The only thing is, they are more likely to get away with it!

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