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Jack the Ripper

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Everyone recognizes the name. Jack the Ripper, when spoken, sends chills down everyone’s spines. However, few know the details of who he was and what he did. People especially skip over how he did it.

The name “Jack the Ripper” was a name given to this man by what people believe was a way of invoking interest in the articles that surrounded him. Basically, the name was a prop to sell newspapers. The name he was actually known by was "the Whitechapel Murderer" or “Leather Apron.”

His attacks were known to target prostitutes in the slums of London, England’s East End. He was known to slash the throats before doing some severe abdominal mutilation. He would slice open their abdomens and remove organs and completely ruin the insides of these women. He is also known to have completed genital mutilations and facial destruction to make it difficult to identify the victims.

He is attributed to 11 total murders from April 1888 to February 1891. He would lure these girls to him, and then he would kill them. It is not known if he actually slashed their throats first or did the abdominal mutilation, but it is believed the slashings were what came first in his brutality to these women.

Whatever happened to him? Nothing. The police were unable to procure a capture of this man as they had insufficient evidence to point to any one man. It is believed with today’s technology that he would have been caught making use of the increasingly prevalent medical identification of Forensic Science. The only thing the police can really say about him is that he had surgical or anatomical experience in the way he would remove the organs. However, the slashing’s to procure the organs was done raggedly.

Jack, the Ripper, never served time for these crimes. It is believed that the reason they stopped is that he either died, was executed for another crime, was incarcerated for another crime, institutionalized, or he emigrated away from the area and started anew.

What put him in the history books? It was because of the extensive media coverage of his abhorrent acts.

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