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Prison Life

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

We all dream of what it would be to commit a crime. It’s kind of the rebellious side of human nature that makes us wonder what it would be like to commit a crime and get away with it. However, the truth is, very few do get away with their crimes and those criminals face a life behind bars.

In your dreams of committing a crime, do you ever wonder what prison would be like? Do you think you can survive? In my books, you will read about Bloodvien prison. It is a ruthless place to do your time, and it even status’ you in the underworld.

Here are some facts you might have/not have ever wanted to know about being in prison.

1. You know how you watch movies about prison, and there is always that one guard who tortures the inmates? In real life, it may happen, but it sure as hell doesn’t last. Those guards are more likely to be killed rather than feared.

2. Guards are vastly outnumbered. This is used to the advantage of the inmates. They love provoking guards and use it as entertainment, the same way you and I would sit down and watch Netflix!

3. Riots and other activities that involve the inmates rising in rebellion are not done on a whim as you see on television. As a matter of fact, these rebellious actions are very well organized and planned. Furthermore, these actions are usually because of extenuating circumstances.

4. Just about anything can spark outrage amongst the inmates. Things as simple as a prisoner getting a larger portion of food over another can lead to an all-out war.

5. There are no bounds to the ingenuity you will find in prison. Prisoners can come up with anything for any purpose in any way they need too.

6. If you ever thought there is a method to the madness, you would be wrong, at least in prison. There really is no method, rhyme or reason. It’s just all-out madness behind bars.

7. Another thing, sex. Despite seeing on television that it is forced on the weaker of the inmates, 99% of the time, it is actually consensual.

8. Prison has better food and accommodations than jail when you are doing a long and hard time; the government tends to be nicer to you.

9. Most outrageous behavior you see on television doesn’t usually happen in prison. Most of the time, the inmates behave themselves, somewhat.

10. Prisons are strategically designed to give the guards the upper hand in the event of a riot.

11. Riots are rare.

So next time you dream of committing a crime, think about where you go afterward and what that entails. If you ever do end up in prison or you know someone who does, keep your head down and keep to yourself, it will help you get through unscathed.

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