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Stalking Technology

In past times, a stalker really needed to put in the footwork to get information on someone. By footwork, I mean, literally. A stalker would have lurked in the shadows and follow you as you go about your daily routine in order to learn whatever they can from you.

Nowadays, a stalker's job has gotten exponentially easier as they can now follow you and get all the information they want using technology. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites have made a stalker's job so much more straightforward as they can pose as anyone to get whatever information they want. The world of the web has also made it so that they can find out your past criminal history, your employment information, and much more.

The tools stalkers use has become so much more advanced than it is almost impossible to hide from a stalker completely. Data that comes from National Crime Victimization surveys shows that stalkers are more prone to email and text now then have face to face contact. Stalking may not be increasing, but it is definitely in favor of the stalker over the victim.

What this means is, no matter what you do, it is so much easier to find you today than it used to be, making stalking so much simpler.

Technology Stalkers Use

· There is a whole slew of technology that a stalker can use to gain information from anyone. One of the most significant and most widely used pieces of tech is the computer. The internet is one of the most useful stalker tools, as it is a wealth of information that can be accessed through the use of a computer. In my books, you will find that Lee Truelove is very talented in manipulating the online world to gain access to information about his victims.

· Cellphones are another tool that can be manipulated to make a stalker's life so much easier. With the ability to download so many different calling apps, a stalker can contact you using any number of phone numbers that make it impossible to trace.

· Digital Cameras are also very handy for taking photos of their victims. A stalker will love having cameras like the Canon SX540 as it can zoom so far in you can tell the family jewels off of a mosquito from a mile away. Not everyone who owns a camera is using it for stalking, and I'm just saying that this point and shoot high-zoom cameras make it easier for stalkers to be inconspicuous while gaining images of their victims.

· There are all kinds of other equipment that a stalker can get ahold of using the black web or just by knowing the right places. Surveillance equipment that allows you to tap a phone or webcams that allow you access inside a residence. There is even equipment nowadays that can let a stalker listen to conversations you have in your house from across the street.

In the world of stalkers, everything can be a tool that they can manipulate to do work for them. Lee Truelove has the upper hand because he works with technology, and that makes him especially good at stalking. We may think that technological advances are a great thing in today's modern world, but not always.

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